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Having Fun with Employee Headshot Photos

Having Fun with Employee Headshot Photos

It’s that time of year – time to update the employee directory on your website. You’ve built a great team and in turn an even greater brand. Without this group of dedicated humans, keeping your promise to your customers would be difficult. How do you capture their unique personalities and remain true to your brand? How do Jeremy the monster truck enthusiast and Lizzy the vegan lifestyle YouTuber fit together? It’s a fun problem to have. Especially since Jeremy loves Lizzy’s meatless bean burgers. Let’s break it down.


Try one of these approaches, or mix it up. When you plan, great things happen:

Keeping your office headshots simple

You can make this exceedingly simple by doing one of three things; (a) a studio headshot, (b) an outdoor headshot or (d) an office headshot session. These are easy and effective – by using the environment you can keep the look between employees cohesive. That, and it’s a fun diversion from work routines, reminding everyone to have a little fun in the process. 

Dress the part.

No matter how diverse your team is, a coordinated wardrobe tells the viewer who the team represents. It solves the problem of adjusting for wildly different fashion styles and clothes that are not photography friendly like stripes and patterns. By using a company branded or coordinated t-shirt or polo, you can relieve a lot of stress that comes with selecting what to wear. In most cases, your employees will thank you. Except for Madeline, the goth-emo music lover.

Theme your office headshots

Depending on your brand, you can add a little whimsy to your headshots by accentuating the personalities in your group with fun approaches. Some options; a photo with an item that represents the work they do or a favorite hobby, an animated headshot photo using 2-3 shots, a flag with their country of origin, a stuffed version of their spirit animal – there are no limits. If your brand permits, don’t shy away from having fun.


Spend some time with your team and get a feel for what they envision their headshot session to be like. They are the best source for ideas if you can’t lock it down. So don’t worry. Your brand can shine through your office headshots with the right strategy by simply standardizing and/or individualizing. After you book your office photo session be sure to have a brand strategy session with your photographer and plan out the look and feel for your headshot photo session. Preparation is key when doing something special.