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What to Wear to a Headshots Photo Session?

What to Wear to a Headshots Photo Session?

There are a few factors to consider when going in for your photo session. What color is your background? What is the mood you want to evoke from your images? What is your branding about?

VRTL PRO HEADSHOTS is a photography studio in South Florida specializing in Headshots, Executive Portraits, Model Polaroids, Family Portraits. Our goal is to make sure our clients look their best and make the process as easy as possible. We have two locations, Miami and Miami Beach, and we also travel. Some of our clients request we go to them and we accommodate those requests!

Things to Consider for Getting Your Best Shot:

  • Solid, vibrant, and middle tone colors work best.
  • The clothing should be simple; no busy stripes or patterns.
  • Textures on your fabric can translate well to the image.
  • Dark long sleeves produce the best dramatic headshot.
  • If you have light colored eyes, consider wearing a color that will help your eyes pop!
  • Do you wear eyeglasses? Decide if you want to wear them for your photos, keep in mind not to wear them if just before the shoot to avoid indentations on the bridge of your nose!


  • For corporate/professional shots, bring a couple of pressed/ironed dress shirts (white, light blue, yellow, etc.) and a few ties. Definitely consider sending your shirts out to the dry cleaners before the shoot.
  • Lint roll your jackets. Make sure you don’t have pet hair, dust, or other small but noticeable distractions on your suit jackets.
  • Shave right before the appointment, unless you are going for worn-in or beared look. It’s your personal style that is most important here.
  • As a backup, maybe bring a razor and shaving cream in case you change your mind about the 5 o’clock shadow.
  • Touch up any roots on your hair, this is costly to post edit to correction.
  • Jewelry is not recommended for professional pictures.
  • We have facial oil blotting paper at the studio to absorb any excess oils.


  • For corporate/professional shots, bring solid color, vibrant, dark, or middle tone pantsuit/skirt, and a few long sleeve shirts (light color) that work under the jacket. We recommend dry cleaning anything that is prone to being wrinkled.
  • Make sure you have recently touched up your roots if you color your hair.
  • Remove any unwanted facial hair.
  • Clean and simple is our motto. Jewelry should be kept at a minimum, stud earrings are recommended.
  • It’s recommended to have freshly styled hair from a salon, or you can hire one of our Hair & Makeup Artists at our location on shoot day. Let us know so we can give you referrals to coordinate.

VRTL PRO Headshots services Brickell, Downtown Miami, Midtown Miami, Wynwood, Miami Beach, South Florida, Coral Gables, Ft. Lauderdale. We are a team that prides itself on service, ease, and professionalism while having fun and looking good. Contact us to book your next photo session at (305) 814-2224. We also go to your location when needed. Corporate, Team, and Company headshots are best done at your office to save time and be efficient.