VRTL PRO Headshots



Brand marketing is what it’s all about now. Each person expressing their individual style through their self-presentation. Even if you are working for a big company, there are always people watching you outside of your company and taking notice. It’s important to have a current well represented professional picture up on your social media, company websites, and any marketing materials you may be using to promote your services.

What are your headshots for? Is it to accompany an article that’s being written up about you? Is it for LinkedIn? Is it for an About Page on your website? There are many end uses and this will help you figure out your mood in the picture and what to evoke.

VRTL PRO HEADSHOTS is a photography studio in South Florida specializing in Headshots, Executive Portraits, Model Polaroids, Family Portraits. Our goal is to make sure our clients look their best and make the process as easy as possible. We have two locations, Miami and Miami Beach, and we also travel. Some of our clients request we go to them and we accommodate those requests!

Here are two executive portraits we did with the same black background. The one on the left is confident friendly and open stance. The one on the right is strong, creative, and intellectual. This is an example of how energy and expression can make an impact on a photo with the same background. It’s all about the message and what the photos are for.

VRTL PRO Headshots services Brickell, Downtown Miami, Midtown Miami, Wynwood, Miami Beach, South Florida, Coral Gables, Ft. Lauderdale. We are a team that prides itself on service, ease, and professionalism while having fun and looking good. Contact us to book your next photo session at (305) 814-2224. We also go to your location when needed. Corporate, Team, and Company headshots are best done at your office to save time and be efficient.